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Returns and exchanges are different for Sonality as all of our items are personalised. Please follow the guidance below to prevent such scenarios.

Prior to ordering please do make sure that you do check your design thoroughly, as sometimes design mistakes do happen. After ordering we ask that you check your email confirmation for accuracy.

If you want to change your order we ask that you inform our friendly team at as soon as you can. We cannot guarantee you can change your order if the production of your item has already begun. Although, if you are quick enough we may be able to change it just in time!

Regarding exchanges, if you believe your personalised garment is damaged or defective (e.g. due to a printing error) or not produced according to your design then please email us in the first instance. If this is the case, we will be happy to recreate your order for you. If you do think that your order is damaged then send us an email with photographs of the damage. We can then provide you with the specific questions.

To summarise, in order to prevent refund scenarios, before you order:

  1. Please refer to our size guide and the product images
  2. Please double check your design before ordering. Ensure all alignments are correct
  3. Check all details including delivery address carefully
  4. Check your email confirmation immediately
  5. Notify us as soon as possible if you feel there are any mistakes with your order

Of course, we are always here to help to ensure your personalised item is as special as we want it to be. Please do not hesitate to contact us at