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Our New Born Essentials

Being a first time mum (and Pop!) can be very overwhelming. There is so much advice out there about what to buy it can sometimes be very confusing. In fact, it’s not just first time mum’s either! We only had Mia, our eldest daughter, 2 years ago. Yet when Eva was born 5 weeks ago we were surprised to learn that we’d pretty much forgotten everything! So this is where our New Born Essentials Advice comes in.

So with the first few weeks still memorable (just about) I thought I’d share my list of essential new born items that make life easier and even more enjoyable and memorable when looking back. I’ve included all the products which I’ve tried, tested and have loved both times around (and can’t live without). Furthermore, I’ve found some of these products even more helpful the second time round with a two year old also running around in the background!

Bathing and Changing

Bathing your newborn in a baby bath is not as easy as it sounds. You have to support your baby using one arm whilst bathing them with the other. If Daddy or someone else is not around to help, it makes it even harder. This is where the Anglecare Soft Touch Bath Support comes in and makes bathtime a breeze! The soft mesh keeps babies in place and is comfortable and safe for them to lie back on. It also means you have both hands free to wash and play with your baby as knowing they are safe and well supported in the water.


new born essential angelcare bath support

Special Photos

Regardless of whether you’re a perennial social media user or not, early baby photos are cherished moments made better with some planning. What your baby wears and what props you have can make a huge difference when looking back. For props we love Plum Props for their classy photo items. When it comes to outfits we appreciate it’s cost effective to buy multi-packs. However it’s also useful to get some personalised baby clothing for those special photos. Not only will you get beautiful photos, but they make for cherished keepsakes treasures too. At Sonality you can create a custom personalised bodysuit for sibling photos or the perfect going home personalised babygrow. You can browse ideas in our newborn baby grows section and make it perfectly unique. Our Sonality babygows and bodysuits are 100% organic cotton so you know your baby will be wearing the safest and softest materials to protect their delicate newborn skin.  In case you missed it, check out our guide to the latest trends in babies and children’s clothing. 

New born essential: personalised baby grow



If you are bottle feeding or combination feeding then the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is a GAME CHANGER! In our house we call this a baby coffee machine. It makes a ready to drink bottle of milk in under 2 minutes. This is the easiest way to make up a bottle of milk during the day and especially at night when time is of the essence. Thanks to this gadget you’ll never have to make a bottle the ‘old fashioned way’. I mean, which baby will wait for 10 minutes whilst the boiled water cools down…certainly not mine!

New born essential: Tomme Tippee Perfect Prep


There are so many different sterilisers on the market it can be confusing what to choose. With our first child, Mia, we bought an electric steam steriliser. It was all singing and all dancing and what we thought would be the best. However in the 3 weeks since Eva has been born I have switched to an old school simpler Milton Steriliser because it is so much easier and quicker to use. It does take a little longer for the bottles to be sterilised (15 minutes compared to 5) but as the unit is big you can also fit in lots of other items at the same time as your bottles eg. Teething rings, soothers, breast pump parts etc. The solution lasts for 24 hours which means you can put things in and take things out as you wish.


New Born Essential: Steriliser


No amount New Born Essentials Advice can prepare you for the lack of SLEEP…one thing babies never seem to do! Whoever came up with the saying ‘Sleep like a baby’ clearly didn’t have any children! So anything to help a newborn get a few hours sleep in the night is precious. This is where the Sleepyhead Deluxe comes in. It is a sleeping pod for newborns, that ‘hugs’ the baby close so they fall asleep feeling nice, secure and cosy. It aims to imitate the comfort babies feel in the womb. Its made from a breathable fabric so is safe for babies to sleep in and is completely portable so you can use it pretty much anywhere. We’ve used this all over the house, taken it to friends’ houses, taken it on holiday and even taken it on a plane so Mia could nap in it! It is really handy and you can buy extra covers for it (this is a must!) because once you have this you don’t want to be in a situation where the cover is in the wash and your little one has to sleep without.


New Born Essential: Sleepyhead

Sleeping Companion – Ewan Dream Sheep

Ask any mum…this little guy is a godsend! Ewan emits soothing sounds and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. Again, this looks to imitate the womb, especially the heartbeat, which our babies have been used to so far. We used this from the first day both our girls came home from hospital. Ewan plays 4 different sounds (our girls’ favourite is the heartbeat) which help soothe babies to sleep. If our little one is at all unsettled at night, we turn this on and it helps to settle her back to sleep. Like the Sleepyhead, we’ve taken this everywhere with us! We even use it in the pram to help our little one nap during the day if we are out and about. This is definitely one we would recommend to help you and the baby get a good night sleep.


New Born Essential: Ewan the Sheep

So there it is. A list of 6 new born essentials to make life easier and more memorable. We hope this list makes it a little easier to decide what to buy helps you if you’re expecting a baby or if you’re looking to buy a gift for expectant parents.