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Last Minute Father’s Day Presents

Father’s Day is almost here, what does that mean? It means panic for many mums and children as they fret over buying last minute Father’s day presents for fussy dads! If you read our guide a couple of weeks ago on the best first father’s day presents and acted on this then great, well done you! However life is hectic and sometimes we find it difficult to find that perfect present in good time.

As co-founder of Sonality, a personalised baby clothing company, and father of 2 (youngest born just a few weeks ago!), I can relate to both sides of the coin. On one hand I help mums and children buy their perfect presents for Papa.  On the other hand I am on the receiving end as a fussy dad myself! Clearly I’m a little biased and think a personalised Father’s Day baby grow or any other personalised baby gift from baby to dad is the best kind of present. But what if you’ve left it so late that personalised items are out of the question? I would strongly urge against a last minute dash to your high street or an online store to buy something convenient but not sustainable.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world.  As a result of this adult clothing is seeing a slow but structural shift towards sustainability. There is more emphasis on where clothes come from and how they’re made and so inevitably a move away from fast fashion. At Sonality we enable you to create truly unique Father’s Day baby grows, t shirts and other stylish garments through our design studio on ethically produced, top quality organic cotton. But if you’ve left it too late for our personalised items I have a few ideas for you! Below are my top picks for sustainable and ethical products which have the style element nailed too.



Allbirds is a revelation in the footwear industry and a brand I have been following closely since its launch. The founders initially crafted a wool fabric made specifically for footwear which is a renewable and sustainable resource. The superfine merino wool is breathable, temperature-regulating, and incredibly cosy, all without an irritating scratchiness. Since then they have created a new range from tree bark and have an impressive R&D team tipped to release even more sustainable styles. They use recycled plastic bottles to make the laces, caster bean oil in their insoles and their packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard. A truly sustainable company. Even better, last minute Father’s Day presents can definitely look well planned out with Allbirds!

Last minute Fathers Day presents: Allbirds



It used to be a struggle to find sustainable clothing that was also stylish. That is not a problem anymore. Nudie Jeans has a focus on social responsibility and sustainable fabrics while still having a traditional love for denim. All the denim is 100% organic cotton and the company also has an entire program in place to keep environmental impact down, including offering a free repair service, reselling second hand products and recycling worn out products.

Last minute Fathers Day presents: Nudie



The perfect white T-shirt…..every man needs one. I have about 12 in my wardrobe! And the brand I turn to when I need a new one is The White T-Shirt Company. This Newcastle based brand has a commitment to sustainability, using ethically sourced materials and keeps its carbon footprint to a minimum by producing clothing that’s built to last. In 2010 their organic yarn supplier closed. They were unable to find another of the same quality so rather than compromise on their standards they halted trading until new cotton suppliers of equal quality could be found. That, I truly respect.


Last minute Fathers Day presents: White T Shirt Company



Last minute Father’s Day presents can be ‘thought’ful to the environment too – geddit!? 🙂

This brand champions the use of 4 main fabrics: bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp, all of which are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, kind to the environment as well as being softer and stronger. They are also big supporters of ‘slow fashion’ so design clothes which are comfortable as well as durable. As they expand their collections, they also look to grow the range of sustainable fabrics they use and 2 recent additions are tencel and modal. The brand are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve sustainability which is why I’m a big fan of this brand.

Last minute Fathers Day presents: Thought