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At Sonality we often give you options to make your personalised baby gifts totally unique, just like the little individual you’re buying them for.

1. Choose your product or design

It all starts with a product you love the look of. And from herein, you’re on a journey to create that perfect personalised gift…

design idea for you to personalise

2. Customise the design

Now the exciting part – make the gift into your own, personalised, unique creation! On many of our products the choices are huge, giving you the opportunity to make that perfect choice

choose text, images or anything else

3. Printing types

You can often choose between glitters, felts, metallics and more. We provide a range of printing methods to suit your creative goals – there’s no right or wrong here, it’s all about the effect you are after. Learn more here

finished baby and childrens clothes

4. Order your own, unique items

Ordering your clothing is quick and easy and we’ll have your uniquely designed garment to you within a matter of days. Simply follow the instructions and we’ll email you with your confirmation.

Sonaity packaging with gift box option too