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Hi from Sonality!

Hi and welcome to our short introduction to Sonality! This is just a quick hello to briefly introduce ourselves and what we’re about. Firstly thank you for visiting our site and browsing through, it means the world to us.

So we’re Sonality, named after ‘perSonality’ because we love that everyone is unique and that’s what makes life interesting. So what we do here is enable you, our awesome customers, to design your own totally personalised baby clothes and children’s clothes.…oh and grown-ups too for those all-important twinning looks! We’re all about unique clothing. So whether you want to design something from scratch that you have in mind or want to browse our design ideas and just change one of these to match what you want, you remain in control of your design through our design studio.

You can choose from personalised baby grows to t shirts, rompers to sweatshirts. We have many more stylish yet top quality organic clothing options coming your way soon. Whether you’re buying as a new born baby gift, for a birthday t shirt or special occasion, or just for everyday wear, you’re sure to find what you want here. And if you don’t…just create it!

We’re still very new having launched just a few weeks ago but we have grand plans. We want to push the boundaries of personalisation and enable you, or your children, to create totally personal and thoughtful clothing every time. There’s no need to compromise on quality as we’ll always promise the best quality, ethically made clothing. This is going to be such an exciting journey for us and we hope you can join us!

That’s enough from us for now as we wanted to say ‘hi’ but you can learn more about us here.

We’ll be coming back regularly to give you some useful information and also provide a few hints and tips on how to create amazing designs.

In the meantime have fun creating some really unique baby clothing 🙂

Dipe, Neha and Mia