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How to Use Our Design Studio

You already know all about our personalised baby clothes and how they make the most awesome personalised gifts for babies. But did you know about our design studio, where you can design your own personalised clothing for babies, children and adults yourself? Did you know you can design your own baby grow, t-shirt, baby vest and much much more? In fact you can even design your own t shirt or design your own hoodie for adults and what more, they’re currently on sale!

In our design studio you have total freedom to design whatever you want, literally. So if you want to give a personalised baby gift to someone special, there’s nothing quite as thoughtful as a custom baby grow. Or perhaps a big sister t shirt or even a 1st birthday t shirt. This blog is all about how to design your own personalised baby clothes and childrens cloths, and how you can create totally awesome personalised baby clothes for any occasion. This first blog covers the basics and forthcoming blogs which dive a little deeper into detail.

How it works

Our design studio is optimised for both mobile and computer. You start off by choosing your base garment. We have baby grows, baby t-shirts, bodysuits etc. Our bodysuits tend to be most popular as they make perfect personalised gifts for baby girls or boys. There are some childrens items and even adult t shirts and sweatshirts, perfect for matching family outfits! You are now ready to start designing your ideal personalised baby clothes and much more. Designs can be created by adding any custom text, an image from our image library or even uploading your own image. Each one is explained in further detail tomorrow


How to Design Your own Personalised Baby Clothes – Text

When inserting your text, you can type any text and then choose the size, font and placement. You can even choose to arc the text or give it another effect such as wavy. There are more than 30 fonts to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for your design. From classics such as Times New Roman, to scripts such as Angelique or special ones such as After Shok or Amadeus regular. When creating text on a garment, our top tip is to mix and match fonts and sizes for great effect. Check out the below images. The first one with consistent font and sizing looks good. However the second one, with mixing and matching, looks much better. Certain words are emphasised and the design is better to the eye. Doing this is not hard, it just takes a little patience and trial and error!

When creating your text you can also choose how to align it. Look out for these little symbols Design Your Own Personalised Baby Clothes alignment when your text has more than one line  so you can then choose to align left, centre or align the text right.

Design Your Own Personalised Baby Clothes baby vest Design Your Own Personalised Baby Clothes i love my mummy

How to Design Your own Personalised Baby Clothes – Choose an Image

Our how to design your own personalised baby clothes guide would not be the dame without images! This is the really fun part, and where you can get really creative! Custom baby grows and custom baby clothes deserve lots of colourful and cute images and we have plenty for you to choose from. From teddies and animals to international flags and music icons, you can choose anything and add it to your design for free. We even have religious symbols so you can create items for Christenings, Christmas or any other religious occasion. Let’s go back to the example above. The mixing and matches of fonts looks good. But we can make this design pop with a simple image. If you click on ‘Choose Art’ a pop up appears within which you can then choose a category or search for your perfect image. If you search ‘heart’ for example, all of the hearts will pop up and then you simply add your chosen one to your design. When you design you design your own baby grow, you can place the image wherever you like, change the size, colour etc. You literally do have full control! We have chosen the patch heart with wings and placed it underneath the text. But just remember, there is no right or wrong when you create your own baby grow.

You can even choose to place our Sonality logo anywhere on the design for an added cool look.


Design Your Own Personalised Baby Clothes with heart wings

How to Design Your own Personalised Baby Clothes – Finishes

Now you’re ready to add some flair to your custom baby and childrens clothes. You can choose to either have the design printed, or you can choose a Special Effect (SE) type of printing. For most fonts and any images which have (SE) in the title, you can choose a glitter colour, a luxurious felt option or even a snazzy foil colour. We have zebra print and leopard print too for an added wow factor.

To choose your desired print simply click on the text or the image you want to change the colour of and then in the pop up choose ‘choose colour and print type’. At first you will see the print colour options where you can choose your desired colour. However you can then click on the foil or felt tabs and you’ll be able to choose those options if you’d like. Once again, there is no right or wrong. If you want black on black or leopard on a pink tee, then go for it. There are simply no constraints. Top Tip – the felts look great on heather garments whilst the foils look best on block coloured garments such as black, white etc.

Design Your Own Personalised Baby Clothes colour picker

Final checks

There you have it, you have now designed your perfect baby grow or other item. However it’s time for a few final checks. First of all, is your spelling correct? Once we start producing your order we cannot cancel it. Secondly, is everything aligned properly? One of the most important buttons in the design studio is ‘align centre’. It can be found as shown below and will ensure your design is in the centre as making changes can affect positioning. You should also check the text alignment as mentioned above. Lastly, have you chosen the right colours and finishes? Just double check to ensure you’re happy with everything and then go ahead and order your personalised items.



Our design studio is perfect for every day clothing or gifts. But on special occasions you really can design something spectacular. With Halloween up very soon, how about designing a baby Halloween outfit? A my first Halloween outfit would look super cute when personalised especially for a special little one. And then believe or not, Christmas is around the corner! So a personalised my first Christmas baby grow or my first Christmas sleepsuit would definitely hit the nail on the head. And let’s not forget personalised Christmas pyjamas which would just look so cute and special on those cold December evenings. How about a t shirt as a dad to be gift? Or a 1st birthday outfit?


So there you have it. A quick and easy guide on how to design personalised vests for babies, t shirts for children or anything else for adults. Whatever you do, there really is no right or wrong so just have fun and create something special for a little one. Top Tip: easily make your gift complete with our personalised books for babies, books for children or even a personalised clock or other creative gifts.