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Back to School Must Haves

The excitement of the summer holidays is over. You’ve run out of ideas of what to do and the kids are going stir crazy being indoors because of the rain (great British summer eh?!). This can only mean one thing….its nearly September! Whether its your first born heading off to nursery or your child starting a new year, here are our back to school must haves to help you get prepared for the new school year.


Personalised Backpacks

A new school year calls for a new backpack and these personalised backpacks are perfect especially if your little one is starting school in September. These are the perfect size for little ones as they are small enough to carry with ease but large enough to store all their belongings. There are a range of different prints to choose from including Panda, Cat, Elephant and Flamingo. Best of all they all come embroidered with your little ones name in their favourite colour. However our personal favourite is this Pink Lining Ice Lolly backpack. This backpack is personalised with coral glitter and the bright colours will brighten up any dull autumn day. It also comes with reigns so is ideal for the walk to school.

Pink Lining

Personalised Raincoats

Back to school must haves should always include a rain coat because between September and December we’re guaranteed rain! Our stylish personalised raincoats are perfect for those rainy days. They are ideal for keeping your little ones dry on the walk to and from school and in the playground in the wet and windy autumn weather. This beautifully made unisex waterproof jacket comes in yellow or navy blue and can be personalised with your little ones’ name or initials. We especially love the yellow one and the brightness it brings on rainy days.


Baby Raincoat Hanging

Personalised Wellies

We spent hours, days and weeks developing the one of a kind personalised wellies. Wellies are extremely difficult to personalise because of their rubber material. However we spent lots of time in our lab coats testing away and have the perfect solution! And once your little ones see what happens when these personalised wellies get wet, they’ll be ready and waiting to leave the house before you’ve even got out of bed! These gorgeous wellies by Grass and Air have an ingenious function…they change colour when they get wet! Your little one will love walking to school and jumping in puddles just so they can watch them change colour. Available in coral, pink, green and yellow (to match the yellow raincoat of course!) there is a colour for everyone.

Personalised Childrens Wellies Detail

1st Day At School Chalkboard

If its your little ones first day at school you’ll want to get this 1st Day at school chalkboard to capture the special moment. You’ll also be able to record your little ones progress at school through the years. These are the best years of their young lives and looking back on records like these will be so special.

Back to school must haves chalkboard

Iron on Labels

Shirts, trousers/skirts, jumpers, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, swimming kit…..the list of uniform items is endless. Combine that with a little person and things are bound to get lost/go missing. That’s why these iron on labels are a must for anyone starting/going back to school in November. Peel of the backing, cover the label with parchment paper, press firmly with a hot iron for 10 seconds and leave to cool. These are so easy to use that you’ll have all the uniform items labelled up in no time.

back to school must haves iron on labels

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