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"We celebrate that we are all born as individuals. We look to bring this out in truly personalised clothing for babies and beyond."
Sonality World and hands

Our Vision

Sonality is a clothing company like no other. Yes, we’re fun, original and creative. But we also have a serious side which drives us to be who we are. Our core belief is that everyone is unique (especially kids!) – and that’s what makes life interesting and led us to Sonality – a celebration of personality.

Ultimately, we have a vision of a world where, not only do we respect and tolerate each other’s differences, we actually celebrate them. Being able to design your own fully personalised clothing and gifts is just our small way to support this.

"We’re uncompromising about our vision. It’s what defines us and makes us who we are!"
Sonality and Mountains

Our Mission

Given our vision, our mission is to always give you total creative freedom to enable yours and your little ones’ personalities to shine bright. Whether gifting or creating for yourselves, our clothes really mean something. We especially love providing a platform for children to unleash their creativity and be proud of who they are.

Our philosophy is straightforward. We provide high-quality clothing and personalisation options, and you and/or your little ones design with freedom. No need for compromise. You simply create amazing clothes that are unique every time.

"Our mission is to enable personalities to shine bright."
Sonality world and love balance

Our beliefs

Our celebration of personalities and individuals drives us to be an ethical business. Everything we do comes down to this.

We only work with suppliers that share our ethos. Our suppliers must demonstrate they have the appropriate certifications, pay a fair wage and provide excellent working conditions for their employees. There is no compromise here.

We also care deeply about the environment and understand the fragility of our planet. Wherever possible, we try to use certified organic clothing manufacturers and minimise the use of non-recyclable waste.

"We’ll never compromise on the quality of suppliers we use. They must have excellent working conditions"
Sonality about us photos for personalised clothing

The Inspiration behind Sonality

A few years back Sonality Dad (Dipe) was out shopping, admiring a particular T-shirt. At first, it looked great and he thought ‘yep, love it, that’s me’. But when he turned it over, there was a huge ugly slogan on the back – no way would he buy it now!

And that’s when the seed for Sonality was planted… what if you could actually remove the words on the back? Or change a few details here and there – to something that is more ‘you’ and not so generic…i.e. taking personalisation to the next level!

Time passed and the same problem arose every time Dipe went shopping (he is a fussy one!). Dipe and Sonality Mum (Neha) then got married and went about living a happily married life working as professionals until Neha became pregnant with Mia (The Real Boss). They had also always dreamt of creating a business together so the pregnancy sparked them into working on the idea!

Sonality eventually launched when Mia was a toddler (yes, we were crazy!). It took a long time to set up as we were adamant that customers had to have full control of their designs to make it truly personal. Why the name? It’s a play on ‘personality’ – on personal identity. But it goes way deeper than that. We’ve moulded Sonality around our core beliefs: we love the fact that from the day we are born we are individuals and Sonality allows people to celebrate that. That’s why we wanted Sonality to be primarily a babies and kids brand; so we can enable individuality right from birth.

It’s now over to you. Whether creating a gift for a newborn baby, an older child or for yourself, we hope you can create something that is really personal and meaningful. Or just a cool design you and your little ones simply love. Either way, you have full control. Over to you.